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Governance and Management

At ERIE, we are committed to doing business ethically, responsibly and in compliance with laws, regulations, our Code of Conduct and company policies. Learn more about our management team, board of directors and corporate values and governance.


Executive Officers and General Counsel

Timothy G. NeCastro President & Chief Executive Officer

Gregory J. Gutting, CPA, CPCU Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Lorianne Feltz, CPCU Executive Vice President, Claims and Customer Service

Robert C. Ingram III Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer 

Douglas E. Smith, CPCU, FCAS, MAAA Executive Vice President, Sales and Products

Dionne Wallace Oakley Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Strategy

Brian W. Bolash, Esq. Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel


The Erie Indemnity Company Board of Directors of Erie Indemnity Company adopted these Corporate Governance Guidelines to promote the functioning of the Board of Directors and its committees and to set forth common expectations as to how the board should perform its functions.

J. Ralph Borneman Jr., CIC, CPIA1, 5, 7C, 8 President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Body-Borneman Insurance & Financial Services, LLC

Eugene C. Connell, FCAS, CFA, CPCU  2, 6, 7, 10C  Independent Investor and Advisor

Salvatore Correnti, CFA, CCM, FLMI 6C, 10Adjunct Professor, Towson University; Retired Non-executive Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Conning Holdings Corporation

LuAnn Datesh, Esq.2, 5, 9Vice President and General Counsel, Olympus Energy, LLC

Jonathan Hirt Hagen, J.D.***1, 3, 4C, 6, 7, 8 Co-Trustee, H.O. Hirt Trusts; Vice Chairman of the Board of Erie Indemnity Company

Thomas B. Hagen* 1C Chairman of the Board of Erie Indemnity Company; and Chairman, Custom Group Industries

C. Scott Hartz, CPA 6, 7 Chairman, TaaSera, Inc.; Chief Executive Officer, Hartz Group

Brian A. Hudson, Sr., CPA, CGMA, CTP 2C, 3, 10  Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency 

George R. Lucore, CIC, CPCU, LUTCF 1, 3, 5, 7Managing Director, PAFLA Properties, LLC

Thomas W. Palmer, Esq. 2, 3C, 4, 9C Member of the law firm of Marshall & Melhorn, LLC

Martin P. Sheffield, CPCU 2, 8, 10 Owner, Sheffield Consulting, LLC

Elizabeth Hirt Vorsheck1, 4, 5C, 7, 8, 10Co-Trustee, H.O. Hirt Trusts

1Member of Executive Committee 2Member of Audit Committee 3Member of Executive Compensation and Development Committee 4Member of Nominating and Governance Committee 5Member of Charitable Giving Committee 6Member of Investment Committee 7Member of Strategy Committee 8Member of Exchange Relationship Committee 9Member of Special Litigation Committee 10Member of Risk Committee CCommittee Chairperson 

*As chairman of the Board of Directors, Thomas B. Hagen serves, ex officio, as a non-voting member of the Audit Committee and a voting member of all other committees, except the Risk Committee.

***As Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jonathan Hirt Hagen serves, ex officio, as a voting member of the Risk Committee.

Committee membership and chair appointments are effective April 20, 2020.